Editorial Services

The following is a description of the editorial services we provide. There are no set rates for individual services (to learn more about our rates, click here), though some editing processes take longer than others. We will work with you to find the most suitable and cost effective service for your budget and needs.

Proofreading applies to documents that have already been through an editing process. Documents that are proofread are considered more or less fixed, such that no substantive changes are made in the process. Proofreading is the final step before a document is submitted for publication or sent to print. We proofread final page proofs in hard copy or PDF format. Proofreading covers the following checks:

  • typographical errors;
  • spelling and grammatical errors;
  • punctuation errors;
  • inconsistencies of style;
  • issues with page numbering or formatting;
  • issues with captions and spacing.

If a document has many errors of grammar or syntax, some level of copy editing will likely be recommended before proofreading can proceed.

Proofreading sample

Copy editing involves all of the checks described under proofreading, but it is a more comprehensive process that involves a greater degree of intervention to ensure conformity with proper conventions and usages of good writing. While proofreading involves correcting page proofs, copy editing involves correcting text. We copy edit using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Our copy editing service includes the following:

  • correcting spelling mistakes;
  • correcting punctuation;
  • correcting ungrammatical or awkward sentences;
  • replacing misused words;
  • checking for consistency of style and usage;
  • may involve negotiating changes with the author.

Depending on the document, “light copy editing” or “heavy copy editing” may be recommended. The difference between these is a matter of degree; “heavy copy editing” is slightly more labour-intensive and may require negotiating changes and/or resolving queries.

Light copy editing sample
Heavy copy editing sample

Stylistic editing and substantive editing are both more complex and comprehensive than copy editing. These services are often recommended for documents written by non-native speakers of English. Usually when one of these services is recommended, it is because the need to negotiate changes, resolve queries, and/or clarify meaning is greater than for a document requiring copy editing. Changes are discussed with authors in person or via phone or Skype sessions. Stylistic editing and substantive editing are both done using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. These services includes the following:

  • clarifying meaning;
  • reorganizing for content and structure;
  • eliminating jargon;
  • smoothing language and transitions;
  • substantial correcting of grammar, spelling, and/or syntax;
  • negotiating changes with the author.

Stylistic editing sample

Our translation service provides accurate and fluent translations of documents from French into English. For technical translations, we adhere closely to French source texts to ensure meaning is conveyed accurately and correctly in translation. For translations of a more general character, we balance literal accuracy against natural English phrasing to achieve a translation that flows well in English. If the document you need translated requires a particular approach, let us know — we will happily work with you to find the best translation approach for your needs!

Translation sample

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