What some of our clients have said:


“Thank you for the fantastic job. Your hard work and dedication has really helped me!”

– Mélanie (International Research and Development Centre)


“I’ve used Michael’s services for copy editing and proofreading for my scientific articles, and he is very professional with insightful comments and on-time delivery.”

– Florent (Innovation Strategist)


“Je suis très satisfaite de la qualité de votre service”

– Laurie-Ann (Akklamé! Master of Ceremonies)


“I used Michael’s editorial service while preparing for my MBA applications for business schools. Michael did a great job identifying weaknesses and areas of improvement in my application essays, and helped me improve their overall quality. I was impressed with his level of professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. At the end, I was very happy with the final result. Michael’s help not only made my application essays stronger, but also helped me polish my own writing skills. I highly recommend his editorial services.”

– Bilal (Revenue Intelligence Consultant)
(received offers from Oxford, Cambridge, and INSEAD)


“Michael was instrumental in my getting accepted into a Top 10 MBA program. His editing and proofreading skills were a great help in crafting my application. Yet, what strikes me most is his ability to go beyond what was expected and add value to areas that I had not even considered. I highly recommend Michael and I will certainly work with him in future endeavors.”

– Francis (Consultant)


“I am very pleased with the editorial services provided by Stylo. Michael did a wonderful job helping me with my manuscript. He cared about the project and made sure it was perfected. What’s more is that he listened to what was needed to fulfill the assignment in the correct way. He also researched things to make absolutely sure that they were in the right context. Michael spent time talking about different queries and made suggestions on how to perfect the manuscript. I was very impressed with the outcome and was happy with the project. Michael was professional, worked fast, helpful and very pleasant. I had such a great experience and will be using more of Stylo for pretty much all my manuscripts from now on!”

– Hanadi, MD (Psychiatry)


“Michael is a very professional editor and helped me greatly in revising the thesis and various grant submission processes. He is an excellent communicator and respond to requests very efficiently and expediently. His proof-reading was EXTREMELY thorough and caught huge amount of mistakes and inconsistencies that I missed. Overall, I highly recommend his service to anyone. Michael is quite reasonable and flexible, responding to even the most demanding tasks on short notices. It was a true pleasure working with Michael.”

– Yang (Infrastructure Coordinator)


“I appreciate the editorial services provided by Stylo. Michael has done a dedicated work to help me improve my thesis. His editing is thorough, efficient, and with care. I feel empowered in the way that non native English students can express our ideas easily. Many thanks.”

 – Ya Wen (PhD Candidate)




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